Special Christmas Offering

This year, Valhalla Evangelical Lutheran Church’s special Christmas offering will be divided between 2 ministries: 
Refresh Ministries has been asked to have the Refresh devotional book and the Thrive – Burnout Prevention and Recovery Booklet translated into the Urdu language, which is spoken by about 30 million people in Pakistan. The books are to be distributed for free to pastors in that country, many who live with ongoing severe persecution. Designate your gift Translation Project. For more information on Refresh Ministries, go to:  https://refreshministries.org/
Burden Bearers is a not for profit counselling group dedicated to enhancing the emotional, physical, relational, historical, and spiritual well-being of all who come for counsel. Designate your gift Burden Bearers.  For more information, check out their website:  https://www.burdenbearersgp.com/

Offerings can be made by e transfer to valhallachurch@gmail.com or by cheques made out to Valhalla Evangelical Lutheran Church can be mailed: Box 49, Valhalla Centre, AB T0H 3M0