Something to think about

From the author Mark Batterson’s book “The Grave Robber” copy right 2014 by Baker Books a division of Baker Publishing Group, Grande Rapids, MI, USA.  ISBN 978-0-8010-1599-1

“The word daredevil can have negative connotations, but let me try to redeem it by redefining it .  It’s more than the frivolous risking of life and limb or recklessness for no good reason .  Etymologically,  it means to dare the devil.  And as such, it should be a defining characteristic of anyone who follows the One who went forty rounds with the devil in the desert. (Matthew 4:1-11)  Fearlessness is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated dimensions of His kaleidoscopic personality. 

Jesus is the definition of daredevil.  

     The will of God is not an insurance plan.  It’s a daring plan.

     We are not commissioned to hold the fort until Jesus returns.  He commands us to invade enemy territory and reclaim it for righteousness.

     Jesus didn’t suffer a brutal death on the cross just to keep us safe and sound.  Jesus died to make us dangerous.  He died to make us daredevils.”


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